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Punaloor Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge at Punalur, is the only one of its kind in south India. Built in 1877 by Albert Henry across the Kallada River, this huge bridge was suspended by three spans, 400 feet long and was used for vehicular movement. Construction took more than six years. Now the bridge is only of archeological interest.

Thenmala Dam

Thenmala (Parappar) Dam is a centre of attraction at Thenmala-- an ecotourism destination. Built under the Kallada Irrigation and Tree Crop development project, it is the second largest irrigation project in Kerala (India). The dam impounds the longest reservoir in the State. Waters from the reservoir is now used for power generation also.

Palaruvi Waterfall

Palaruvi is inside thick forests on the high ranges off Thenmala in Kollam district. It is near the Tamil Nadu border, 5 kms from Ariankavu. The waterfalls is from a height of 300 feet. This fall is into a shallow pool and is ideal for swimming. During the rainy season, Palaruvi waterfalls is attarctive and normally get crowded by thousands of tourists.

Kollam Beach

The beach also features a park of international standard, the Mahatma Gandhi Park, which was inaugurated on 1 January 1961 by the then Vice President of India, Zakir Hussain. Kollam beach is one among the few beaches in Kerala with a lifeguard outpost.

Jatayu Nature Park

Chadayamangalam" or "Jadayumangalam" is historically an important place. It is 21 km from Kottarakara. It's a beautiful metropolis lying between Kilimanoor and Kottarakara. It is situated on the southeast side of Kottarakkara Taluk and this place is enriched with huge Black Rocks which attracts and fascinates everyone who looks upon them.

Butterfly Garden

Asia's first butterfly safari park goes open in Thenmala, Kollam district of Kerala. The 3.5 hectare artificially created expanse attracts different species of butterflies. The butterfly safari park atmosphere simulates natural habitat for butterflies of almost all the different species. The park is now filled with action of winged beauties.

Tea Plantation

The tea plantations here are examples of variety, as they are not like that of Munnar and Thekkady. Tea plantations near a stream or waterfall will be an advanced effect of a natural diversity. This places are attracting a lot of travelers world wide.tterfly Garden

Munroe Island

Munroe Island is a hidden pearl in the backwaters which is composed of a cluster of 8 islands. Each of them is separated by small water channels and lakes. Munroe Island is located about 27 km from Kollam.The place is named in honour of Resident Colonel John Munroe, of the former princely state of Travancore.

Kottarakara Ganapathy Temple

Kottarakara Ganapathy Temple is one of the famous temples in south india with great historical importance. The Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is a famous temple situated in Kollam district and serves as a halting point for devotees heading to Sabarimala from Thiruvananthapuram.

Meenpidi Para

Meenpidi Para is a beautiful place in Kottarkara, Kollam District, near St. Gregorious College. Water of Meenpidippupaara is believed to have healing properties. Many people from other districts and locals visit here regularly.Meenpidi Para water is very good for herbal bathing .

Pathimoonnu Kannara Bridge

The Pathimoonnu Kannara Bridge is situated at Kazhuthurutty in the Kollam district of Kerala. The bridge is a part of one of India's oldest mountain rail lines and was constructed by the British in 1904 to transport goods from Kollam to Madras.

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary in Kollam is a beautiful natural haven located in Southern Kerala. It is the only wildlife sanctuary in the district and is renowned for its biodiversity and beauty. It has a host of trekking trails that takes one on a wonderful journey through these evergreen forests.



Boating through Kallada river will be a nice experience Income your life span. It will amazing for your eyes as well as mind. Kallada River is always cool and mirroring the beauty of kollam, hence a trip along with those waves will flourish your mind.


Trekking through the hilly regions are being incredible for visitors as its different for a backwater village. Waves wind and Clouds is a different but wonderful combination.

Adventurous Trips

A walk along with the darkness of that wild village is always out looking some adventures. Wild diversity and silky smoothie heavenly climate is capable of being flourished your ideas.


To enjoy the wilderness of the Thenmala-Shendurney forests, do take a camping package and unleash yourself. Idimuzhanganpara Nights is a trekking and camping programme where stay has been arranged at a camp near the beautiful reservoir, called the Idimuzhangan camp.


If you want to make the most of your trip to Kerala then you must not miss this amazing activity in the backwaters of Munroe Island. Waters reflecting the clear sky and surrounding lush green foliage is definitely a sight to behold. Imagine yourself kayaking or canoeing in these calm waters.

Houseboat Ride

We all know that a trip to Kerala is incomplete without a houseboat ride. Kollam backwaters give a chance to opt for a houseboat ride .The best view of this landslip is from outside, from the Kollam houseboats cruising through the backwaters. The best way to enjoy the full serene beauty of this lake is by taking a houseboat trip.